About Vitec

Large Scale Inventory Management

When a city or organization needs to keep its emergency fleet on wheels it needs a partner it can trust. A partner that understands sometimes — delays cost lives. With stakes that high, Vitec has become the perfect partner to execute and adjust to the ever-demanding challenges of a high volume fleet.

As a minority firm based in Southwest Detroit, Vitec has supplied a steady stream of service parts for all 2,400 of the city of Detroit’s vehicle fleet — including but not limited to: police and fire response vehicles, street maintenance trucks, parking enforcement cars, and forestry equipment. With an emphasis on serving fleets built to serve others, Vitec specializes in providing maintenance, repair, and operations to vehicles in both the public and the private sector.




Community Focused

Vitec's commitment to the our clients is only matched by our commitment to community. We invest in early childhood, youth, and job training because we know that the future depends on the work we do now to invest in the next generation.

A Career at Vitec

Vitec's team and partnerships are the backbone of our successful inventory delivery. We pride ourselves on highly motivated team players that know that their job plays an integral role in keeping fleets up and active, and at times, saving lives.